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Our 2024 rates will be as follows:

Venue Rental Rates

Auditorium               -       R4000.00 Full day rental regardless of part thereof

Foyer                       -       R200.00 p/h 5 hours minimum rental

Technical Service Rates

Auditorium               -       R1000.00 Setup & Preparation 

Foyer                       -       R 500.00 Setup & Preparation

Auditorium/Foyer      -       R 700.00 Rehearsal Incl sound & lighting

Both                        -       R 700.00 Show Incl sound & lighting

Venue Rental Discount Structure (Only applicable to auditorium venue rental)

Community Theatre   -       40% You qualify for this if you are an amateur dramatic


Registered NPO         -       25% You qualify for this if you are a registered Non Profit

Loyalty Customer      -       20% You qualify for this if you hired the space for 7 days

                                              throughout the preceding calendar year

Additional Discount Available:

4-6 rental days 10% Less an additional 10% for 4-6 consecutive days rental

7+ rental days 15% Less an additional 15% for 7+ consecutive days rental

Film & Photo Crews:

Please contact us directly for a custom quote

Floor Plan: Auditorium

Stage Details A3.jpg

Floor Plan: Auditorium Seating 

2024 Auditorium Seating Plan.jpg
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