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Stern Masque Theatre Clause in Bertie Stern Will.png

The Stern Masque Theatre Trust

The Masque Theatre building was left to the Testamentary Trust: The Stern Masque Theatre Trust.

Primarily the theatre has been gifted to the community to support Amateur Dramatics, and the development of individuals within the Theatre Industry.

Amateur Dramatic Societies have played an ongoing important role in the Masque's History. The vital role they still play is by putting forward a Trustee from each active society to ensure the mandate of the will is followed.

The Association

The Stern Masque Theatre Association is a Voluntary Assoctation, (Registered NPO - 115 009)

The Association was put in place by The Masque Trust and Masque Theatre Society Members to manage the day-to-day handling of The Masque Theatre, with a constitution in place for guidance.

Annually in May, the Association holds an AGM, at which the Theatre Society Chairs attend, and vote for the new board members. 

The Board term is two years, and can be a gruelling but rewarding volunteer post! Annually potential members are put forward by the societies, and interested and keen members are also welcomed and considered:

If you might be interested in standing for the next board elections, we suggest you submit your CV here, with a cover letter of what skills and experience you bring which will benefit the Theatre. Prior to the next AGM, all CV's will be circulated to the Society Committees, and put forward for nomination.

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