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Interlace Uplift - A Youth Day Celebration

Mark Mwaba

16th June 2024

Interlace Uplift is a music event aimed at uplifting young performers, providing mentorship for them and cultivating their skills in performing arts. This year we are focusing our theme on the impact of youth collectives on individuals and society as a whole. We are spreading a message of unity and showing our youth that together we can achieve feats far greater than what we can on our own.

Our event day is June 16th 2024 so naturally we'll be sharing stories rooted deep in South African heritage, stories of past struggles that have been overcome largely thanks to the sheer force of the youth in this country.

Our focus group of performers are musicians and spoken word artists, the large majority of whom are under the age of 35. We are collaborating with young performers from Alas Academy, and local bands, The Nickies, Desperate for Doorbells and Interlace.

Our hope is to provide a positive learning experience in the arts for all of our performers, we want to uplift the youth of our surrounding areas by providing a unique experience.

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