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The 'Not Particularly' Fantastic Mr Fox


5th & 6th July 2024

Mr. Fox is the best in the business when it comes to poultry theft. After having his first cub, however, he leaves that life behind, and settles for a safer career. But, now that his life is calm and ordinary, he misses his days of glory, stealing from the farms of the greedy and wicked Boggis, Bunce, and Bean. Things have become dull, his marriage is failing, and he's struggling to be a good father to his cubs.

Will Mr. Fox go back to his old ways? And if he does, how will the wicked farmers react now that their old nemesis is back?

Presented by Habib Drama Studio, The 'Not Particularly' Fantastic Mr. Fox promises to be a wild and ridiculous adventure for all ages! Filled with laughs, thrills, drama, and... um... I dunno... probably chickens? I guess.

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