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One-Act Play Festival

The Masque Theatre

14th to 16th March 2024

The Masque is proud to be presenting a One-Act Play Festival featuring 4 brand-new plays written by local playwrights.

1. Inheritance by Dawn Garish

An argument with the departed. A punishing will. At what price would one pursue or relinquish success? In Inheritance, a performance artist daughter and her disapproving mother tell each other what they really feel and think, after it’s too late. Or is it?

2. Let’s get Meta by Robin Hoole

On the front lines battling online misinformation, three social media workers struggle to keep up as the world spirals out of control. Can free speech be too free? What bigotry is allowed? And what happens when bad actors put the keyboard down and put actions into the real world?

3. Tommy and Dominick by Lauren Bates

This light-hearted version of Romeo and Juliet, set in two proud, competing restaurants, celebrates the power of friendship. It is a fable that speaks into many situations where hatred has caused division. Lovers of Shakespeare will smile at the snippets of his text woven into this contemporary script.

4. Wrong Faces by Alex Silberbauer

Wrong Faces is a two hander starring Alex Silberbauer and Jason Bailey. It tells the story of a young man and woman who are stuck with each other in a house party bathroom under mysterious circumstances. It explores themes of vulnerability, intimacy, platonic love and the kindness of strangers.


Thursday 14 March 7:30pm - Inheritance and Let's Get Meta

Friday 15 March 7:30pm - Tommy and Dominick and Wrong Faces

Saturday 16 March 2:30pm - Tommy and Dominick and Wrong Faces

Saturday 16 March 7:30pm - Inheritance and Let's Get Meta

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